Top Budget-Friendly Destinations to travel to in summer 2019.

Our Beautiful planet is full of amazing places and it does not need much effort to discover them. Whatever the region, there are places you can visit on a short budget even the countries we consider expensive are quite economical if you know some tips and tricks.
If you’re planning to move on a budget and wondering where you should go, here are the best and affordable places to travel abroad

7. Peru

Peru is a country in South America covering part of the Amazon rainforest. This is where Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca city located high up in the Andes, is located.
On the arid Pacific coast of Peru lies Lima, the capital, with a well-preserved colonial center and important collections of pre-Columbian art.

it’s a budget destination! Very easy to get around by bus (with standards of comfort for all tastes and all budgets), very simple to eat cheap and there are accommodations at good prices.


Morocco! The Arab-Andalusian architecture, the couscous, the noisy souks, the Sahara, the mint tea, labyrinthine networks of the medinas … Morocco is a mesmerizing destination where there are a thousand and one things to see and do. The advantage is that it is an excellent destination for traveling on a budget. It is accessible to get around the country by bus, train or taxi, crossing long distances for small amounts.
The street food or restaurant meals are very cheap, and the riads, the traditional guest houses, are also, offering completely sublime services. Entrance fees to museums and galleries and monuments are very affordable, and even the objects that fill the souks have more than attractive prices – provided they haggle, a great way to enter into conversation with Moroccans.

5. Nepal

A country of trekking, Nepal has unparalleled mountain landscapes. Everest and Annapurna sit in the middle of the country, mainly made up of the Himalayas. A big part of the population lives in the field of Terai which lies at its feet. Surrounded by China and India, the Nepalese culture has been able to draw elements both Indian and Tibetan.
With a budget of 50 € per day for two people including accommodation, meals, transport, and activities without too much deprivation, you can have a really fabulous time