Top 10 Destinations for a Perfect Summer

Our beautiful planet has many beautiful places and breathtaking scenery. Beautiful mountains, lakes of unreal colors, beautiful oceans with fabulous islands. They are waiting for you. Let’s discover them together.

Our wonderful planet has many beautiful places and breathtaking sceneries. Beautiful mountains, lakes of unreal colors, wonderful oceans with fabulous islands. They are waiting for you. Let’s discover them together.
In this article, we will discover the best places to spend a pleasant summer in 2019.

10.Parga, Greece:

Parga, Greece

Located 50 km south of Igoumenitsa, on a lovely coast, Parga is a fishing village on the side of a hill dominated by a fortress built by the Normans in the fourteenth century. The place became very touristy and considerably expensive.

Nestled in the Ionian Sea, Parga is the equivalent of a Greek god. Pine cliffs surround its colorful houses dotting the side of a mountain like an amphitheater. The tiny handicraft shops and stores line the cobblestone streets, drawing the onlookers with the pottery, antiques, and sweets of the city.

Stop by the Tzimaz Restaurant for traditional dishes and the Motley “Coffeesweet” Café for honey desserts, one of the local specialties. Once you have explored the streets, return to sun-drenched Valtos Beach, hike to the ruins of the Ali Pasha Venetian Castle at the top of the hill, then take a ferry trip to Corfu and Paxos…

9.The Lofoten islands, Norway:

The Lofoten Islands are in northern Norway, at the end of a peninsula, the latter moves discreetly into the sea. The place is really a world apart.
The place is made up of steep, wind-swept islands dotted with red-roofed cabins and fishing boats. A perfect summer destination for those who prefer to escape heatwaves.
 The legendary Hurtigruten ferry cruises the islands from the port of Svolvær while there are many hiking trails in the hills.
 Outings by kayak or bike will also be there. You will be surprised by the view offered by the fjords and the rocky landscapes or by the sperm whales that populate the cold waters of Norway.
Go fishing on the open sea and enjoy the cod (Klippfisk) that you will see everywhere dry in the open air.

8.Porto-Vecchio, Corsica:

Porto-Vecchio is a port city located in Corsica, an island attached to France. The walls of a sixteenth-century Genoese citadel serve as a backdrop to the old town and offer views of the marina and its yachts. Shops, bars, and restaurants line the tight streets of the city and the main square, Republic Square. Outstanding beaches nearby are Palombaggia, with its sandy beach surrounded by pine trees, and Santa Giulia, whose waters are reminiscent of those of a lagoon.
Porto Vecchio is a popular tourist destination in southern Corsica! It must be said that its privileged location, between sea and mountains, has something to seduce everyone. Whether you are a lover of relaxation on beaches of dreams or fans of sports holidays, you will always find something to do in Porto Vecchio!