How to deal with a fearful dog: 5 rules to respect.

You have found a lost and scared dog in the street, but you do not know how to approach it? Or do you want to get to see the dog of one of your relatives? In any case, be careful because a scared dog can be particularly unpredictable. Thus, if the dog shows signs of aggression and you feel he can bite, do not approach. Prefer to contact the nearest pound or refuge. However, if you think that there is no danger, follow these tips to approach the animal safely.

1.Stay away, without looking at it


First, observe a safe distance between you and the dog. This will allow the latter not to feel threatened. And above all, remember to never look in the eyes, even from a distance. Always look away or sideways, or even pretend to keep your eyes closed.

2.Crouch down


Then, squat gently where you are (no sudden movement!) To put yourself at the height of the dog. This will have the merit of making you far less frightening. Besides, place your hands open at the ground level, palms up. If you feel that your presence terrorizes the dog, do not hesitate to lie down on the ground.

3.Stand aside


It may sound strange, but to approach a fearful dog, it is recommended to stand apart. Indeed, unlike us, dogs do not have the habit of greeting each other by being face-to-face. On the contrary, it can be taken as aggression. So, turn your body, and especially your head, to the side.

4.Speak softly


If you find that the dog seems more relaxed by your body posture, try talking to him slowly. Your tone of voice must be calm, reassuring but while being happy and a little cute. Indeed, a severe sound could make him even more frightened. Note that yawning may also help to build confidence.

If he begins to come to you, keep talking to him quietly until he is at your side. Be careful, touch it only if it invites you to do it, and just beneath the chin or on the top part of the chest, never on the head.

5. Use rewards


If you miraculously have food on you, do not hesitate to try to attract the dog with it. Start by gently throwing the first treat while turning your head. Then, throw the next one closer to you, and so on.