Brazilian Couple Replant Entire Forest To Give Homes To 500 Endangered Species


Man is primarily responsible for the destruction of nature. According to a UN report, since 1990, 129 million hectares of forest have been removed from the surface of the planet because of deforestation. A figure that is twice the size of France. Despite this sad result, Man has shown that he is also able to act to save the environment. This is what proved the Brazilian Franco photographer, SebastiĆ£o Salgado, and his wife, Lelia.

At the time, the photographer was returning from a trip to Africa, where he was responsible for reporting the genocide atrocities in Rwanda. After this traumatic experience, Salgado returned to Minas Gerais, in southeastern Brazil, to take over the family ranch.

Image credits: institutoterra

Formerly, in this region, was a very dense and humid tropical forest. Unfortunately, it was utterly destroyed when returning from Salgado because of deforestation. Only 0.5% of the area was still covered with trees, and all the animals that inhabited this forest had also disappeared. “Everything was destroyed,” Salgado told The Guardian in 2015.

The Salgado then decided not to remain inactive in the face of such a disaster, and they took the initiative to replant the forest.

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