Best destinations for singles

Solo travel has many benefits, but not everyone is ready to begin such an adventure. No way to deprive yourself of a trip so far! If leaving alone on vacation is not your cup of tea, why not look for a traveling partner? There are many sites today that allow you to find the ideal person to go on holiday while making sure that you share the same vision of the trip in terms of organization, activities, and budget.

10.Barcelona, Spain:

As for a single vacation, Barcelona is a safe bet for several reasons. Joyful and lively, gastronomic and artistic, it brings together all the ingredients for a perfect stay. Cosmopolitan, we meet both Spaniards open to meetings and people from all over the planet. And the city of Gaudi is also full of cultural treasures in Europe. In short, day and night, impossible to get bored!

9.Bangkok, Thailand

This is a destination that will especially attract women traveling alone or with children. Thailand mixes different standards for a single holiday. Nicknamed the country of the smile, it feels good and safe. Fascinating, it takes in some places the appearance of paradise, and it is, in any case, that of divers, thanks to the incredibly well-preserved seabed. Hikers will not be left out, with many chances for treks, further north. And for those who would like to meet other lonely souls, head for Bangkok, a hotbed of travelers from all over the world!

8.Budapest, Hungary

From its tumultuous history more than a thousand years old, Budapest has inherited a mixed heritage, but nevertheless impressive, which makes it an exceptional conservatory of the architecture of Central Europe.
Magnificent and very affordable, the so-called “pearl of the Danube” attracts more and more fans of solo holidays. There are many agencies to organize 3 or 4 days single stays, but you can book your flight and your hotel yourself and experience the charms of this beautiful capital.