10 Foods to sleep like a baby

Credit: pixabay.com

Many of us do not have a good night’s sleep because of the stress, the hamsters in our heads, all kinds of reasons beyond our control.

It is better not to overeat before going to bed, but here are ten foods that pràomote a restful sleep to favor for a late snack.

10. Hot milk

Milk, like all dairy products, contains calcium and the latter “wakes up” our brain to make good use of tryptophan – an amino acid – that contributes to the production of melatonin, the dodo hormone. Also, the heat has a powerful soothing effect!

9. Almonds

Is your sleep often interrupted by several short awakenings? Do you have trouble staying asleep all night? It may be because you miss magnesium. It ensures quality sleep. The good news? Almonds are rich in magnesium and delicious to eat! We know what we will take as a snack before going to bed tonight!

8. Lettuce

Lettuce is a ubiquitous vegetable! But the lactucarium it contains has soothing properties. Few, of course! And especially in the stems. No danger of nosing while eating our next lunch salad. But some offer to prepare an infusion of a mixture by depositing a few leaves in hot water (but out of the fire) for a few minutes. We could add mint leaves too. But maybe it’s just that drinking a hot drink while taking our time will help us sleep … to test!

7. Fish:Tuna, Salmon …

Because they contain a good dose of vitamin B6 that activates the production of our sleep hormone – melatonin -, tuna, salmon and halibut are best if you are desperate for sleep.

6. Cherries

Small, but effective! Yes, cherries are natural sources of melatonin. We eat snacks in the evening to put the sleep hormones on our side and fall asleep more easily. Besides, it’s good!

5. Hummus

A combo of whole grain crackers and hummus could be our winning duo to ensure beautiful nights. Chickpeas are a good source of tryptophan and crackers help this amino acid reach the brain faster. And suddenly, melatonin production starts!

4. Cheese

Like milk, cheese contains calcium, a natural caregiver of our brains for the use of tryptophan. And as with hummus, we combine it with crackers to maximize our
chances to sleep well.

3. Chamomile

This flower has soothing and relaxing properties. In infusion, it can help us sleep. But other plants – including valerian, poppy, and skullcap – also have these desirable properties.

2. Honey

Honey triggers a great chain of benefits. It increases our blood sugar level, raises the insulin that directs tryptophan better to our brain that converts it into serotonin (the relaxing hormone). As a result, the production of melatonin is activated, and the activity of the stress hormone is reduced. Thank you honey!

1. Bananas

Is it the sleeping fruit par excellence? In any case, his reputation probably comes from the fact that his dose of magnesium and potassium promotes a better quality of sleep. The banana would stimulate the production of melatonin while being an excellent relaxant.