10 Foods That’ll Keep You Young Forever

Credit: pixabay.com

Some foods help prevent cell aging. Nutritional research has proved it.
Eating better to preserve one’s health as long as possible requires knowing how to choose one’s food. Fruits and vegetables are of course widely acclaimed, but not only.
Compose your menus by following the list of foods rich in antioxidants and polyphenols.

10.Polyphenols in red fruits

Cassis, currants, cranberries … these berries are full of polyphenols, antioxidants that are also found in wine and green tea. They also provide vitamin C (another antioxidant) and calcium, excellent for bone strength.

9. Apricots and melons rich in carotenoids

Just like carrots, apricots and melons are rich in beneficial compounds belonging to the carotenoid family. These pigments that color fruits and vegetables are of great interest to scientists.
“People who have high levels of certain carotenoids in the blood have a brain that ages better,” says Dr. Claudine Berr, an epidemiologist at Inserm engaged in a large nutritional study. Faculties like memory or attention are less altered. And it seems that the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease is decreasing.

8. Spinach, broccoli, and cabbage: good for the eyes

The highlights of spinach, broccoli, and cabbage: two pigments called lutein and zeaxanthin. Research has been shown to be effective in preventing age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a condition caused by aging of the eye. These pigments help the retina to protect itself from the sun’s rays.

Lutein and zeaxanthin also have positive effects on brain function. Only food can provide them. They are found in green vegetables but also corn and wheat.

7. Tomatoes, a source of lycopene

Tomatoes, along with watermelons, are an extraordinary source of lycopene. This powerful antioxidant is also found in strawberries, cherries, peppers. According to some studies, men who consume a lot are better protected against prostate cancer.

Namely: the antioxidant levels are more interesting in cooked tomatoes (for example, grout) than in raw tomatoes. “The cooking bursts the cells and releases the antioxidants. If we add more oil, they will be solubilized and better assimilated, “says Dr. de Reynal.

6. Oils rich in omega 3, against depression and Alzheimer’s

Season the salads with rapeseed, soy or nut oil, the richest in omega 3. The diet only provides these polyunsaturated fatty acids. They reduce the plaque of atheroma, these deposits which gradually block the arteries and can be at the origin of a cardiovascular accident.

Studies suggest that omega-3s protect against depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Canola, soy or nut oils are recommended for seasoning, but not for frying. Count one tablespoon per day per person.

5. Fish, the ultimate anti-aging food

Fish is one of the most important anti-aging foods. It is recommended to eat at least once a week. Oily fish like salmon,sardines,and mackerel are abundant in omega 3 and selenium.

“Blood tests on people aged 60-70 years showed that low levels of selenium were associated with poorer brain function and higher mortality, including cancer,” says Claudine Berr. Given the price of fish, it is better to eat sardines or canned mackerel than to do without it.

4. Green tea and its polyphenols

Green tea contains polyphenols. One or two mugs a day is sufficient. Add a lemon juice and the antioxidant effect will be multiplied. Americans have proven it scientifically.

3. Coffee in small doses for better memory

Three mugs of coffee a day is enough. A recent study by Inserm showed that at this dose, women over 65 years of age have a better memory than those who drink less. This effect was not observed in men.

2. Wine, to consume with moderation

The wine is champion in polyphenols. This is not a reason to abuse it — no more than one or two glasses of wine a day.

1. Water

It is essential to stay hydrated to fight the dryness of the skin. When you’re dehydrated from the inside, your skin looks dry, dull and wrinkled, so that all the fine lines become more apparent.