10 AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to Visit This Summer


Due to the country’s economic situation, the cost of living has fallen in recent years in Greece. Sure, going on holiday to Santorini or Mykonos is relatively expensive, but there are many quieter and lesser-known islands such as Paros or Skiathos where you can sunbathe and drink frozen Mythos (a Greek beer brand) for 2- $ 3 a pint, great for a cheap stay.

If you like to party by the pools and enjoy cheap shots, then head to Ios, an island famous for its rave nights, popular with young backpackers. Don’t you have time to jump from islands to islands? Just enjoy a day trip to Hydra. Located in the middle of the Sardonic Gulf, an hour and a half from Athens’ catamaran, this island is home to some of the best souvlaki (kebab) restaurants in the Aegean Sea.

The restaurant Pirofani serves this delicious food for 20 years as well as many other dishes that will satisfy the most gourmets of you. There is not enough meat to satisfy your caveman instinct? Navigate to Kefalonia (an island that you may recognize if you’ve seen Captain Corelli’s movie) to eat a slice of traditional pie filled with dripping meat and sauce wrapped in phyllo paste.

Many ferries run between the different islands. If you are coming from Athens, you just have to go to the port of Piraeus to check timetables and fares. High-speed ferries can reach the majority of the Aegean islands in four or five hours, while 6-8 hours on the traditional boat will be perfect for reaching your destination.

Useful information:

  • Price of a pint of beer: 3,42$
  • Price of a meal at a cheap restaurant: 10$
  • Price of a taxi trip: 3.40$ + 0.79$ / km
  • Price of a double room (3 * hotel): 278 $/ night