10 AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to Visit This Summer


In Bulgaria, the seaside resorts along the Black Sea have experienced a boom in tourism in recent years as Bulgaria is a perfect country for a cheap trip, far less than traditional summer destinations such as the south of Spain. If you prefer the atmosphere of big cities to the beaches, go to Sofia, the capital of the country. A budget of 25 $ per day and per person is enough to discover the local culinary specialties, taste the “robust” local drinks, sleep in a comfortable bed and make new friends.

Located 20 minutes by subway from the airport (30 to 40 minutes if you travel by bus), the old center of Sofia will allow you to quench your thirst for culture, the second oldest city in Europe is filled with museums and galleries such as the Museum of Socialist Art and the National Museum of Literature.

Enjoy the summer sun and go to the beach “Lulin Beach.” The complex has three outdoor pools, a sandy beach, a football pitch and even a “canteen” where you can buy pizza. Although Sofia is becoming an increasingly tourist destination, there are still many places outside the city “forgotten” tourists. The more east you go, the cheaper the cost of living will be.

Want to go to the resort in the sun without lightening your wallet? Although the port of Burgas cannot be called “pretty,” the nearby town of Nessebar – located just over an hour south of Varna – is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is an excellent place to go to start your cheap trip to the shores of the Black Sea.

Although most of the ancient city of Nessebar has collapsed in the Black Sea, the town is full of cobblestone streets where you can stroll and go in search of old churches to admire. You can buy locally produced lace as a souvenir, but watch the quality, because some tourist catchers sell poor quality lace.

Useful information

  • Price of a pint of beer: $ 1.15
  • Price of a meal at a cheap restaurant: $ 5.28
  • Price of a taxi ride: $ 2.18 + $ 0.93 / km
  • Price of a double room (3 * hotel): 278 $ / night