10 absolutely unique kinds of beaches you probably didn’t know!!

Today we are bringing you the most amazing beaches in the world, Where you can relax or celebrate special occasions in your life, or simply just travel!

Nothing compares with beautiful fine sandy beaches and some calming waves, and if got a cocktail or coconut water you got yourself a heavenly day ahead!

10.COCOA Island, Maldives:

This tropical paradise is located in the Indian ocean, and offers an experience like never before!

There are a lot of activities to do there or simply relax in the sun,COCOA island is highly exotic and full of maritime life, it’s perfect for a man to get away and the resort offers a wide range of activities such as Yoga sessions, exclusive restaurants, and cocktails on the beach, other than that you can swim in the crystal clear blue water, walk in the little jungle  in the middle of the island or simply taking the exotic feeling that the island has to offer.

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9. Whitehaven Beach Australia:

This beach is one of the most unique beaches in the world, it’s famous for its crystal white sands Which consists of 97 % of silica and turquoise colored waters. The beach is 4 miles along  Whitsunday Island and it has a Barbecue and Camping facilities.

Guidelines have been set up to keep the place in its brilliant state such as the prohibition of smoking and carrying pets on the beach …

8.CALA DEIA, Palma De Mallorca Spain:

If you find yourself in Spain then Palma De Mallorca is the place to go, this island part of Balearic islands s the best place where you can experience the beautiful culture of Spain and the exotic feeling of a deserted island.

The beach is about 70-meters long and it’s mostly large rocks and small pebbles with a few patches of gravel, the water is Beautiful clear turquoise and attracting for swimming.

The Beach has two Goods restaurants, where you can enjoy fresh seafood and traditional Mallorca food.